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Ceva is proud to participate in the 32nd World Buiatrics Congress

From May 20th to May 24th, the 32nd World Buiatrics Congress (WBC) will take place in Cancún, Mexico, bringing together cattle practitioners from around the globe. This biennial event promises to foster a rich exchange of knowledge and collaboration in the field of ruminant health. Through a series of oral presentations and posters, Ceva will provide attendees the latest research and innovations in ruminant health. With 19 abstracts and 6 oral presentations, Ceva aims to make a significant scientific impact at the WBC, covering a range of essential topics for practitioners such as control of parasites, reproduction, calf health, pain management, Q fever and udder health.

In the words of Eduardo Posadas, President of the Mexican Buiatrics Association, “This congress is a unique opportunity to share knowledge, solutions and innovative practices to improve cattle breeding and the productivity of cattle breeders.” 

Through its scientific participation in the WBC, Ceva reaffirms its commitment to supporting veterinarians and livestock producers worldwide, contributing to the advancement of ruminant health and welfare in the coming years.  

If you are attending the congress, we invite you to explore our posters and join our oral presentations. Check the full list of Ceva’s scientific contributions to the 32nd World Buiatric Congress in 2024 here:  


May 21st

10:10 to 10:30: A delphi study to build pain scoring scale in cattle. Raphaël Guatteo, May Morin, Edouard Timsit, Philippe Gisbert, Damien Remmy, Gwenola Touzot-Jourde

12:05 to 12:25: Targeted selective treatment at housing with injectable eprinomectin in French dairy cattle using a validated decision support system (TRI). Vincent Jégou, Bertrand Maynard, Céline Cotrel, Damien Achard. 

13:05 to 13:25: Efficacy of an oral solution of paromomycin for the treatment of suckling beef calves with cryptosporidiosis in a multicentric field study. Damien Achard, Gaelle Pagny, Charlotte Billy, Jean-François Collin, Anne Trotel. 

May 23rd

9:50 to 10:10: Economic benefits of abrupt dry-off with cabergoline injection in dairy cows. A field case in Vietnam. Philippe Gisbert, Tung NGuyen, Carla Azevedo, Juan Muñoz-Bielsa, Tam Nguyen Minh

May 24th

9:30 to 9:50: Evaluation of the healing process of lung lesions following treatment with florfenicol and meloxicam in veal calves affected by bovine respiratory disease during one production cycle. Anastasia Lisuzzo, Damien Achard, Alessio Valenza, Luca Cozza, Eliana Schiavon, Giacomo Catarin, Fabio Conte, Barbara Contiero, Enrico Fiore. 

10:30 to 10:50: Rapid and efficient BVDV control in a large industrial dairy farm using various diagnostic toolkits in Hungary, Central Europe. Attila Dobos. 


May 21st. In Cozumel D, from  7:45 to 8:45

Board 154: Epidemiological study of the main infectious abortifacient diseases in Morocco. Z. Zouagui ; Y. Bougtab, A. Boukili-Idrissi, P. Gisbert, J. Berrada.

Board 3: Control Coxiella burnetii in three Q fever-infected goat herds through the implementation of a vaccination program. Philippe Gisbert, Ángel Gómez Martín, Antonio Contreras.

Board 178: Fertility performances of lactating dairy cows submitted to timed artificial insemination or timed embryo transfer with fresh or frozen in vitro produced embryos in a seasonal pasture-based system. A. D. Crowe, J. M. Sánchez, S. G. Moore, M. McDonald, R. Rodrigues, M. F. Morales, L. Orsi de Freitas, F. Randi, J. Furlong, J. A. Browne, M. B. Rabaglino, P. Lonergan, and S. T. Butler.

Board 177:  Superovulation of lactating Holstein cows with a single dose of recombinant bovine FSH in a commercial dairy setting in Brazil. Rodrigues, C.A.a; Castro Netto, A.a; Catussi, B.c; Rebeis, L.M. c; Pinho, P.b; Randi, F.b and Baruselli, P.Sc.

May 22nd. In Cozumel D, from 7:45 to 8:45

Board 72: Pharmacokinetic profiles of eprinomectin after a single subcutaneous or intramuscular injection in non lactating ewes. Damien Achard, François Reynier, Hamadi Karembe, Nathalie Varinot, Reynald Magnier, Anne Geneteau, Pedro Pinho.

Board 84: Efficacy of a subcutaneous injection of eprinomectin in lactating goats experimentally challenged with gastrointestinal and lungworms. Damien Achard, Pedro Pinho, Sarah Thomson, David Reddick, Rick Brunner, Dana Campbell, Alexandra Beck, Naomi Isaka, Anne Trotel, Hamadi Karembe.

Board 15: Cross-neutralisation between Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus (BVDV) type 1 and 2 after vaccination with a BVDV-1a modified-live vaccine. Geromine Grange, Marie Mindeguia, Philippe Gisbert  and Gilles Meyer.

Board 88: Evaluation of the effect of paromomycin dosed at 150 mg/kg on commensal gut microbiota of healthy calves. Pascal Butty, Anne Trotel, Damien Achard, Juan-Munoz Bielsa, Yves Jacquemet, Laetitia Hernandez, Fatima M. Zali, Pedro Pinho.

Board 79: Comparative efficacy of three different doses of paromomycin administered orally to treat cryptosporidiosis in experimentally infected dairy calves. Damien Achard , Naomi Isaka, Marie Cron, Adélie Goujas, Thomas Blondel, Jean-François Collin, Jiří Smola, Břetislav Koudela.

Board 65: Milk production in dairy cows with natural infection by nematodes, after treatment with injectable 2% eprinomectin in the peripartum. Carlos Fernandes, Ana Cristina Figueiredo, Lucas Souza, Talles Cordeiro, Marcos Malacco, Rogério Rossi, Pedro Pinho, Damien Achard.

May 23rd. In Cozumel D, from  7:45 to 8:45

Board 89: Ketoprofen as the sole initial treatment for mild and moderate bovine mastitis: efficacy and antibiotic reduction. Volker Krömker, Ulrike Falkenberg, Nicole Wente, Yanchao Zhang, Franziska Preine, Julia Nitz, Anne Tellen, Stefanie Leimbach, Stéphane Trotebas, Juan Munoz-Bielsa, Philippe Gisbert.

Board 47: Prevalence of Q fever in dairy cattle farms with reproductive disorders. Philippe Gisbert, Michaël Treilles, Pierre Charollais.

Board 154: The effect of combining melatonin and progestogens sponges in Assaf ewes for out of season breeding. Javier Acosta Ledesma, Carlos M. Brusa and Federico Randi.

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